Monday, February 5, 2007



Oh come on. Rogue. Only not annoying, whiny, "I got my personality crossed with Jubilee/Shadowcat" Rogue from the movies. Or....*reading*... new Sunfire-powers Rogue? The Rogue I know and love has flight and super-strength, as well as power absorption. And sounds like Lenore Zann.


Rogue started as a Fashion Fever Barbie. I put a wave in her existing hair, added the white streak, and the outfit. She's sewn into that bodysuit, unfortunately, and if you were to see the back, you'd see that the stitching isn't so lovely. Rogue was one of the first custom dolls I completed and so a lot of experimentation went into her. Her 'gloves' are bits of sculpting compound over her wrists, painted along with her hands. Also received paint touch-up on eyes/lips. Completed 2005


  1. Looooove it!!! And love Lina's doll too. You're great!! Keep on creating! U rule!!!

  2. I love your customs! You have to do barbie phoenix and barbie hawkgirl!!