Monday, November 17, 2008

Elemental Pony of Air

2 years after Fire and Water, finally comes Air to join them. Her design is a lot simpler, airier, if you will...

Her original base color is white, a G3 "Sunny Daze". I removed the hoof magnet, the original symbol (a happy sun), and her original hair. She received a full mane and tail re-root, sculpted symbol and headband are Kneadatite. Much less sculpting on this one than the other Elemental Ponies, and I chose to do just a light paint design spreading from the symbol and up from the hooves. I redid the color in the eyes, and styled her hair to look "windswept", with some success. I'd like to say that I intended that her wind symbol to remind you of pegasus wings when viewed from the front, but in truth, it's a happy accident. I did think about using a pegasus for Air, but I like that she's a spirit of air, not literally flying with wings. Completed Nov 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Article: It's Better Than Good

I've posted a new article over at The Clearance Bin.
Click over for some words on kitbashing and accessory swaps.

Part Two: It's Better Than Good, It's Yours.

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