Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lady of the Black Lagoon

Based loosely on a dream I had once, this lady was partially a series of experiments, and partially made just because I wanted a scary-looking siren-esque swamp chick.

Construction: She started life as a fairly generic Barbie friend that I bought at a yard sale.
I liked her mane of long hair, and I matched her head with a body whose arms were fairly beat up, so I had no compunction about losing them.

I chopped off the lower arms and replaced them with forearms from a Beowulf movie Grendel's Mother figure. (Those things are fabulous custom bait, by the way.) The transition is covered in Magic Sculpt, which I textured to blend the two looks, while I used Kneadatite to add some dimensional details to the neck and feet.

All exposed skin got sanded and painted with layers of brown, green and gold. Her face got a makeover as well: I re-colored her lips and eyeshadow areas and widened and deepened the pupils of the eyes. I also added new little sculpted earrings, since she had the holes anyway.

The dress is stitched together out of wide lace, cut into pieces. The lace started out an ugly teal, but I used tea to dip it down to a nice swampy color. This also aged it some, which really helps with the rising-from-the-deeps look that I was going for. Completed 2011

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chibi Zelda

Character: Zelda in adorable mini form! Inspired mostly by Child Zelda from Ocarina of Time.

Construction: This Galactic Heroes Jedi was too perfect a base, once I saw it I had to do this project.

I trimmed down her lightsaber and extended the handle into a bow with Kneadatite. I also used Kneadatite to give her pointed ears. I strung the bow with a strand from a large paintbrush. Everything else is just some sanding and a nice coat of paint and sealant. 
Completed 2011