Saturday, January 1, 2011

Robotic Rabbit Demon

Character: Erin asked me to come up with a handmade present for a friend.  I poked around in the bins, and started to get inspired. I therefore present a Mutant Toy: the Robot Rabbit Demon.

Construction: Essentially he's a complicated kit-bash. I picked out a bunch of pieces that I thought worked together.

Pile of possible pieces (not all used):

The main body is a Spiderman Movie Green Goblin, the head is from the "Robotic Rabbit" that came with a B:tAS Mad Hatter. I also cut two little claws off the rabbit and affixed them to the left foot. I replaced Goblin's right arm below the joint with an arm from another figure... I think it was called "She Demon", but I'm not sure.

The tail is a modified tentacle from a Spiderman/Doctor Octopus playset, and the wings are from a female demon-type action figure.  

I cut holes in the back of the Goblin to attach the wings and tail, and used Kneadatite to create a new elbow on the right arm.

Careful use of super-glue secured all the pieces.  The head is loose so that it can be turned during posing.  

The head was entirely repainted, everything else just got detail paint-work and some color wash.  Final touches were gloss on the eye and claws, and matte sealant. Completed 2010