Saturday, March 19, 2011

Skeletor's Cape

Crossposted at The Clearance Bin

This is Skeletor. Doesn't he look cold to you?

Much better. I'll never understand the Eternian customs against the wearing of pants, though.

Because Erin asked so nicely, I created a cape for Skeletor. It's made out of a piece of dark purple crepe-back satin, which was luckily almost the exact same shade as his armor.

I designed the shape of it from scratch, because I wanted it to drape around his shoulders a particular way, and still leave access to the scabbard on his back.

All the seams are hand-stitched.

To get it on, you have to remove Skeletor's head and his armor piece.

Then fit the armor around and over the cape, mostly by feeding the back straps through the neck of the fabric. It's easier than it sounds, trust me.

Presto! Now Skeletor's fully dressed. This picture shows some of how the scabbard interacts with the cape - not perfect, but I think it still looks pretty awesome. Completed 2010

After I finished the cape, Erin set about making Skeletor some better weapons... stay tuned at The Clearance Bin for more pictures soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magical Robotic Princess

Character: ... What the name says. 

I collected the Disney Zizzlinger Princess figures for a while. This was a thing a few years back, where they came blind packaged in a packet that dissolved into pink bubbles in hot water, revealing the figures. Of course I ended up with a few duplicates, and I've always been trying to think up a good use for them. They're simple figurines, made from one solid piece of plastic. Head-swap and/or re-paint seemed like a good direction to go in, and here we are.

The Robo-Princess is made out of a Zizzlinger Cinderella and a head from a Power Rangers thingy. I used a little Kneadatite to make the neck, the spinal fin and the points on the shoulders. The rest is a really fun paint job.  I love how she came out. She now has articulation at the neck, which the original figure didn't.

Completed 2011