Friday, December 28, 2007

Supergirl (Old-School)

Supergirl. Kara is, uh, the last daughter of Krypton. Younger than Superman, she lives with the Kents and hangs out with her "cousin" when she can. As featured in S:TAS.


Kara was another rescue from the box o'figures I bought last summer. She had some damage to her hair and shirt, which I sanded down and smoothed over. I gave her almost a complete repaint, to fix her color scheme. For some reason, her hair was bright primary yellow, while her boots/skirt were done in muted red and blue. Changed that. I cleaned up the paint on her shirt, gloves, and face, added the black edging on the shirt and her headband. To save myself the headache of redoing it, the S symbol is original. I also added the cape tabs with Magic Sculpt, and the cape, made of a light plastic-like fabric, cut from an ugly skirt donated by an urban type Barbie.

In the end, she's not a perfect animated Supergirl, but she goes well with the Old School Superman. Besides, I prefer her to that tiny mutant thing they released for Justice League, who looks as if she'd be about 3' tall and 20 lbs. I have one of those, and eventually she'll become somebody, but not Supergirl.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

World's Finest

Well, it's been 9 months since I stopped posting here. I haven't been doing much toy work, been too busy with life and pay-the-bills work. I do have a backlog still, some projects I submitted to CustomCon last March that I'd like to also put up here, and maybe I'll finally get to that. For now, here's a minor project from this summer.

So this summer I bought a box of action figures on Ebay. One of the more interesting was the Supes you see on the right. After some searching, I've identified him as Quick-Change Superman, from the
line for Superman: the Animated Series. I thought he was neat, as we don't have any Animated DC figs from the early waves. I know he isn't terribly accurate to S:TAS, but his look is so different from JLU, etc, that I think it gives him a real old-school feel. He had some serious dirt and paint-scuffs, particularly in his hair, which I touched up.

But the real project was to give him a friend. So, I took a fairly generic Bats, cleaned him up, took apart one of those ugly clip-around-the-neck capes and carefully glued the fabric onto his back, like Kal has his, along the line where the paint color changes on the back of the shoulders.

Tada! World's Finest Batman and Superman, complete with matching fabric capes.
Simple, I know, but I think the end effect is nice.