Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Princess Lysandra, the Caterpillar

The infant Princess Lysandra, darling of the Faerie Court. In some ways, she is the inspiration for the whole project. It occurred to me that if Fairies look like butterflies, shouldn't baby fairies be caterpillars?


The Princess is a Kelly doll. Her insect, obviously, is the caterpillar. Her segmented hind quarters, seen below, is permanent, but flexible; made of nylon, accented with dimensional fabric paint.
She also received a costume, consisting of a collar, chiffon wrap skirt, and circlet. Her eyes and lips were painted to match her mother. Completed 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Olivia Flaversham

The Adorable Miss Olivia Flaversham. From what is possibly my very favorite Disney Movie, The Great Mouse Detective. Based loosely on the books by Eve Titus, the movie is notable for early CG use and that two of the directors went directly on from this to helm The Little Mermaid. And it's awesome. Trust me.

Olivia started life as a Magical-Do-Re-Mi PVC Figure (Left). About the only things remaining from that figure are the hands and the edge of the skirt.
She stands about 2" tall.

Extensive carving followed by extensive sculpting, a complete paint job, and she's ready to face anyone in Mousedom! Completed 2007

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Faerie Queen

The mysterious Queen of the Faerie Court. Her Insect inspiration is a Spanish Lacewing butterfly.

She was a Princess of Ancient Greece Barbie. I chose her for her hair-style and eyes, both of which are kept. I gave her a new lipstick color, new eye color, and her costume and wings. Her dress is made out of silk flower petals and lace. Jewelry, Crown and accents are hematite, crystal beads and wire. Her wings are clear plastic, covered on the front with "scales" cut from feathers, colored with Sharpie on the back for depth of color. They are mounted to her back with wire, so they are slightly moveable. Completed 2006.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, as seen after the redesign on Batman: the Animated Series.

Mostly based on recipe from Inanimate Objects: Hawkgirl base, Animated Witchblade head. She has sculpted hair, glove- and boot-tops. My Ivy also has her dress made out of glue-stiffened nylon, which takes away from the animated look, but lets it lie flat over her hip joints without gumming them up. I'm not thrilled with the way her hair came out, but it was my first time working with Magic Sculpt.
I also experimented with the paint to try and capture the strong highlighting seen in the animation, and I like the way that turned out. Completed 2006