Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Olivia Flaversham

The Adorable Miss Olivia Flaversham. From what is possibly my very favorite Disney Movie, The Great Mouse Detective. Based loosely on the books by Eve Titus, the movie is notable for early CG use and that two of the directors went directly on from this to helm The Little Mermaid. And it's awesome. Trust me.

Olivia started life as a Magical-Do-Re-Mi PVC Figure (Left). About the only things remaining from that figure are the hands and the edge of the skirt.
She stands about 2" tall.

Extensive carving followed by extensive sculpting, a complete paint job, and she's ready to face anyone in Mousedom! Completed 2007


  1. OMG you need to do this as a career or something. You rock at repainting dolls!

  2. Is Magical-Do-Re-Mi an anime TV show?

  3. Yes, Magical Do-Re-Mi is/was an anime show. I have never seen an episode though, I just liked the look of the toy.

  4. I am a Disney figurine collector and it is very difficult to find this character in PVC, resin or something. I love the character too ! ! !

  5. here is the link to my collection :)
    Hope you like it ! ! !

  6. Thanks! That is an impressive collection; of the ones I saw, I was most impressed by the Merlin! Seeing some of the obscure characters made me want to do more Disney based art :)