Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mutant Toy: Thing From The Fur Dimension

Another Mutant Toy. The Fur Thing  doesn't photograph well, because his fur is so clear an expression of his black treacherous soul, that he throws off the white balance of my camera.

I was digging through my bins, looking for inspiration, when I came up with this all at once. I love this project. He looks much better in person, though.

The Fur Thing is almost entirely a X-Men Movie Cyclops. His head was sculpted over with Kneadatite, and I loosened up some of his joints by shaving off pieces of the plastic that inhibited movement.

In Progress
He got new claw-like fingers over his hands, hand-sculpted out of Kneadatite. He was sanded, painted, and covered with fur. The 'fur' is a mixture of synthetic hair and black feathers. I also added a little red paint around the eyes. 

Why Cyclops? I also cleaned out his battery case and replaced his batteries.


More Pictures Below Completed 2011