Friday, June 17, 2011

I Can Be... A Green Lantern!

Barbara Millicent Roberts, you have a history of willpower and you are capable of overcoming great fear. Will you accept this charge?

When I found out the only Barbie product for the new Green Lantern movie was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Carol Ferris, I decided that couldn't stand. After all, Barbie has had over a hundred careers, even spent time in Starfleet, and been transformed into a number of superheroines. She deserves this. Much to the movie marketers' surprise, I'm sure, the Green Lantern Corps are not an all-boys club. (For more on why I like Barbie, you can see my review of I Can Be... Race Car Driver Barbie)

The Barbie I chose to receive the ring is a Fashionista "Sweetie," for her classic Barbie look, and her Fashionista articulation. I re-did her hair into a simple ponytail, but didn't change her eyes or lips.

I bought a pair of 1/6 scale fists on eBay, and sculpted the ring onto the right one as a first step. Attaching the fists to Barbie's arms required the sacrifice of her original hands so I could use the existing wrist articulation. 

Her arms were so slim that I decided to give her a little more muscle with some Kneadatite epoxy putty.

Next step was building her jumpsuit. I bought a shirt at the local thrift store that had the texture I wanted: almost a thin swimsuit material, a lycra with a little sheen to it.

Her jumpsuit is entirely handsewn. Her boots used to belong to a Princess Amidala doll.

I painted her boots, and cut down and painted her earrings. Her green gauntlets and symbol area are painted onto the jumpsuit by hand with fabric paint.

The final step: sculpting her mask out of Kneadatite. The mask and ring I left the base color of the Kneadatite, because it's a perfectly nice green already.

Even More Pictures to come in another post. Completed 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Oath

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, 
Beware My Power

Green Lantern's Light!

More Pictures of the newest member of the Lantern Corps tomorrow!