Thursday, September 29, 2011

DinoBride and ZombieGroom

Character: Two good friends of mine recently got married. As they are crazy fabulous people, I created this duo to commemorate their special day.

The Bride is made from a Wedding Dress Ariel Zizzlinger, and a Jurassic Park Raptor:

I carefully carved the face out of the Ariel, shortening the bangs to fit the dinosaur head. I used Magic Sculpt and pins to attach the new piece and added new sculpted hair to blend it into the edges. The doll portion got a full repaint as well.

 The Groom is made entirely from a GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow:

I carved away the bangs and much of the hair, and used my Dremel drill to add the empty eyesocket. Kneadatite was added to create his mangy Zombie-style hair. I cut down the ninja star in Storm Shadow's hand and smoothed it into a disk with Kneadatite, then added a small crystal bead to create a ring.

He also got a repaint, except I just touched up the eye area, leaving that mostly original.

As it got closer to the wedding, I picked up a display case to keep the figures safe, but decided it was missing something. A base!

I sculpted a base out of Sculpy, adding plastic poles after baking.

The marble look is only on the top level, and is in the Sculpy itself, created by careful blending of white and dark clay. A heavy cardboard base level was painted and glued to the bottom to support the Sculpy.

Testing the size of the base in the box:

I strung some ribbons between the poles, and sculpted tiny bees out of Kneadatite to "hold up" the banner.

In Progress

After Painting
Complete display:

Completed 2011

More Pictures: