Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jean's Victorian Makeover

Character:  Not so much a character as an exercise, but an enjoyable exercise.

This project started when I looked through my custom bait bins, and said: it's a shame, this figure has a decent head above all that hideousness:

And so I decided she should have a Victorian dress fit for a lady.

I used a combination of vinyl and Magic Sculpt to create a dress over the existing framework.
The sleeve cuffs were added later with Kneadatite. An additional feature of the skirt: now the figure can actually stand, unlike before: her bandy legs couldn't support her.

Spray Primer on everything but the head, and then lots of paint.

Last I repainted the lips and the hair, and sealed the whole thing.

Not too bad for an experiment. Completed 2011

This is not the first time I've rescued a Jean Grey. 
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