Thursday, March 17, 2011

Magical Robotic Princess

Character: ... What the name says. 

I collected the Disney Zizzlinger Princess figures for a while. This was a thing a few years back, where they came blind packaged in a packet that dissolved into pink bubbles in hot water, revealing the figures. Of course I ended up with a few duplicates, and I've always been trying to think up a good use for them. They're simple figurines, made from one solid piece of plastic. Head-swap and/or re-paint seemed like a good direction to go in, and here we are.

The Robo-Princess is made out of a Zizzlinger Cinderella and a head from a Power Rangers thingy. I used a little Kneadatite to make the neck, the spinal fin and the points on the shoulders. The rest is a really fun paint job.  I love how she came out. She now has articulation at the neck, which the original figure didn't.

Completed 2011


  1. Why is there a quarter next to her?

  2. The quarter is just there for size reference, so you can tell how small she is.

  3. Holy crap, Cinderella looks so chibi!! ^_^