Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Elemental Pony of Water

Here's a companion for Fire, Water. I wanted to give the impression that she's formed of water, not just representative. Note the puddle spreading from the hoof in the rear view picture.

Water started blue, but received a full body paint treatment. Same as Fire, a G3 who got a full hair re-root, sculpted elements are Magic Sculpt. Also on both, I removed the magnet in the front hoof. Vintage My Little Ponies contain no magnets! I suppose it's all very well if you need it to interact with whatever the play sets are nowadays. Personally I'm uneasy about leaving a fairly strong magnet in a toy which I know I would forget contains a magnet and leave it near some videos or something. I was lucky when I took her apart, she contained very little glue at the neck joint, and I was able to put her back together without using any, so she has some articulation there. Completed 2006

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