Thursday, February 1, 2007

Calendar Girl gets no love

Calendar Girl. I like her. Nobody likes her. Maybe it's because she's from one, single, kinda mediocre, episode of Batman:TAS. Based on the lame old supervillain 'Calendar Man', who based crimes on things like seasons and the days of the week, Calendar Girl is a has-been supermodel. Her MO: attacks/kidnaps the jerks who won't hire her now that she's 30, and has multiple different colored outfits over the course of the episode, based on holidays. Seen above is the final, Halloween. I think she's fun.

Calendar Girl was my first true foray into action figure scale, and she's certainly not perfect. She is part of a set of Girls of Gotham. Made from a JLU Vixen base, with an animated Witchblade head and Sculpey hair. Her skirt and glove cuffs are nylon soaked in glue and painted, which is my own technique as far as I know. Completed Spring 2006

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