Friday, February 9, 2007

Catwoman (and Isis)


Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman.
Just my design tastes really; for the more villainous Gotham girls, I worked off of the redesign (AKA:The New Batman Adventures, AKA: BtAS:Gotham Knights), but for Selina Kyle I decided I preferred the older style.
Selina/Catwoman is, of course, a cat burglar, sometime wildlife activist, and major love interest for Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Isis is her beloved cat.

Catwoman is made from a Talia body and Wind Blitz Batgirl head. Took off all of Talia's detail work with knife and Dremel, then cut off one leg and one arm at the elbow to reposition them. She's not as awfully bowlegged now. Cut off and reversed Batgirl's 'ears', did major reconstruction on the back of her head, and minor resculpting on the mask and mouth area. A full paint job, added the belt and whip, made Isis out of bendable Sculpey, and she's out for a night on the rooftops. Completed 2006

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