Friday, January 25, 2008

Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Another Dragonlance figure. Raistlin needed a friend, so to speak. Tasslehoff is a kender, which is pretentious writer speak for "We think hobbits are boring". The most adorable of all Dragonlance characters, and second only to the previously posted mage in popularity, words commonly used to describe Tas include 'troublemaking', 'lightfingered', and '

My Tasslehoff is approx 10" tall. He carries his hoopak, along with several bags, pouches, rope, and two maps (not pictured). In his characteristic fur vest and blue leggings, he is ready and eager for adventure.


Tasslehoff is built on a FoTR Frodo doll. He had all his hair shaved off and replaced with a hand-crafted wig, and his face paint was removed and redone. His costume is entirely handsewn. The Backpack is from the Frodo doll, the belt and the bag with the green strap from a Gandalf. The rope coiled around his arm is actually a hemp necklace, and his hoopak is a carved and painted piece of craft wood. His maps (not pictured) are photocopied from the front of the annotated Chronicles, reduced and printed onto tan colored paper.
Originally posted online (different pictures) for Custom Con 16. Completed in 2005.

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