Monday, January 7, 2008

Raistlin Majere

Possibly the reason I got into customizing. Possibly my favorite creation. I may make much more elaborate, better projects, but...Dragonlance will always have a place in my heart, no matter how trashy it gets. And for many Dragonlance fans, the soul of the series is Raistlin Majere: The Character Too Cool To Die. Most Powerful Black Robe Mage. Master of Past and Present. Popular enough to merit his own prequel duology, on top of the prequels already written, as well as appearing in one novella and at least three novels AFTER his canonical demise. Another book, currently pending, promises to account for every moment of his life thus far unchronicled. (In other words, he's the proven moneymaker for Weis/Hickman.)

This is probably cause he's Evil. (Sometimes). Selfish, twisted, secretly kind once in a blue moon, and of course, AWESOME.

My Raistlin figure is 12" tall, dressed in black robes. (according to Tas: "Red always makes him look kind of jaundiced, if you know what I mean.") His accessories include the Staff of Magius, two spellbooks and a satchel to carry them in. Seen below with Tasslehoff Burrfoot.
Originally posted online (different pictures) for Custom Con 16.

Raist is a 12' FoTR Aragron. I kept Aragorn's boots, and colored them black with a fabric pen. The rest of the costume is hand sewn black velvet. The figure got a paint treatment on all exposed skin/hair after I filed down Aragorn's stubble. I'm not going to go into how long those damned eyes took me. His two spellbooks (Yes, one black and gold, one nightblue and silver) are handbound into fabric covers, and do contain writing, printed off my computer. The Staff of Magius is a painted dowel, a pewter dragon claw necklace bent into a new shape and painted gold, and a faceted quartz crystal. (Yes I know, it's usually described as a ball, but it's faceted in some pictures. Check the first edition cover of Time of the Twins. Picky.) Completed back in 2005.


  1. Have you thought about selling your creations? I for one would be very interested in a complete companions series. Great work!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Susan!

    Most folks, when I say that I do custom toys, the first question is: Do you sell them?

    The Short Answer: Not now.

    The MUCH Longer Answer:
    (Be Aware, this is not a rant at you, but I want to get this out so I can point others with the same question here.)

    1: No Fun) Toy customizing is my hobby, and I try new things with each project, to keep myself interested. Working to a deadline, or doing a lot of the same thing would take a lot of the fun out.

    2: For myself) I currently only build things that I either want in my collection, (and am thus unlikely to give up for any price) or want to give as a gift to someone specific. I suppose I could take on commissions, one day, but I sometimes go months without finding time to work on anything, and I have so many of my own projects lying sad and half-finished.

    3: $$$ not worth it) Raistlin, for example, took me probably upwards of 9 months from conception to completion, fitting in work around my job, and doing extensive shopping for many of the materials. (I eventually found the gem I wanted in a rock store, I think in ME. I live in NYC.) The materials cost probably around 50$, and only so low because I did a LOT of bargain hunting. Were one to also compensate me for my time, working on the figure, plus shopping, etc., it would run easily into hundreds of dollars. This is for _one_ doll. So, I think it would be difficult to be adequately compensated for my work. I'd be better paid working at Starbucks.

    4: Lawyers) Side note: It's somewhat illegal to sell anything based on a licensed character I don't own.

    So to sum up; I don't sell my creations. I may one day, but they will probably be ones based on original characters.

    However, if you, or anyone, is interested in making something of your own, based on my work, I am happy to give you more details/advice. For Free. Because that's how I started. :)

    Best wishes.

  3. Amazing job. I'm tempted to do this myself. I'm actually looking into creating an inspired version of Raelana. She had the eyes first, after all. :)