Friday, July 8, 2011

Mutant Toy: Pirana Man


Another Mutant Toy. Pirana Man isn't especially friendly, though he's more likely to claw than bite.

Pirana Man's base is a loose Batman figure, origin unknown. He has hands from two different Witchblade figures, and his head crest came from an armor piece from the spare parts bin.

I removed much of the original paint first, and cut off Batman's ears. Then I used Kneadatite to fully re-sculpt the head, add the panel over the torso, attach the new hands, and sculpt the fin on the right arm. 

In Progress

After Painting
The tube on his back is a piece cut off of an X-Men Movie Toad. The holes in his back that the tube is glued into were drilled with a Dremel. All non-green parts of the figure were hand-painted and sealed.

Pirana Man retains the articulation of the original figure: Shoulders, hips and neck. Completed 2011

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