Friday, June 26, 2009

Fairie Court Pictures

So I've been making Insect Fairies (among other projects) in my spare time since 2006. I recently thought that since I tend to alternate doll projects with action figure projects, anyone who hasn't seen them together in person might not remember who they are, or realized how many there are.

So after some consultation with the Queen:

Here's some pictures of the fairies in the context of the group, a recap of the court so far: (Links lead back to individual doll pages)

The Fairie Queen:

Satia, adviser to the Queen:

Charane, mystic soothsayer:

Nidea, Lady in waiting:

Aya, governess, and Princess Lysandra:

Kami, dancer:

The Court:

Next on my list is the Captain of the Guard, hopefully it won't be another whole year before she's done. Although I'm not sure where I will put her...

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