Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Maleficent, probably the most awesome Disney villain ever. Famous for invoking "All the powers of Hell", which they tried to drown out with sound effects when rebroadcasting that clip on the Disney Channel. From Sleeping Beauty, as if you didn't know.

Maleficent started out as a Mulan Shimmer Princess doll.

I constructed her a new outfit from scratch, and molded her headdress out of Kneadatite. The headdress is removable, and she does have hair underneath, although I had to thin and shorten Mulan's thick tresses for this to work.

The green skin tone was actually created with a new technique: I colored on a wad of paper towel with a Sharpie, blotted the ink on a piece on paper and blended the color gently into her skin. I then painted on new eyes, lips and fingernails.

Her ring is Kneadatite, and her staff Kneadatite, a skewer, and a handle taken off a wand from another doll.

I painted Mulan's original shoes black, and finished her off with a gift box, covering the Princess logos and art with a screenshot from the internet (behind the doll) and a color copy of the front of the DVD.

Created as a gift. Completed Dec 2008


  1. Accidently found your blog through google, but I am happy I did! I especially love the Lina Inverse doll and of course this Malificient. You have inspired me to try to make some toys too!! Excellent work!

  2. Thanks, Leslie! I'm glad you like them. Seeing other people's sites was how I got started, (that and that no toy company seemed to want to release the style Rogue (X-Men) doll I wanted.) There are lots of styles of customizing out there, and lots of different materials people use. Some people work wonders with Barbies, some get highly articulated imported dolls to start with, some sculpt from action figures, some paint My Little Ponies, some people sew UFO Catcher-style anime dolls...

    Google some more and I'm sure you'll find tons of inspiration. Also most customizers, including me, are happy to give advice.

    Best of luck!

  3. Your green skin trick, I bet you'll use that trick for blue skin if you ever make a Nightcrawler doll, right?

  4. DARN CENSORS!!!!! I can't believe they drowned out the part where she says "All the powers of Hell"! That's totally why I honestly hate censors.

  5. This is so cool! I like how you made the green skin. How'd you make the gift box?

  6. Thanks! The box was originally the box that Mulan came in. I downloaded a screenshot (of a castle hallway) from the internet, printed it on a color printer then pasted it into the inside back (behind the doll). I also took my copy of the DVD and made a color copy of the front, cut out a good shape that would cover the original princess label, and glued it on the front. It's slightly less impressive in person since I didn't create the back of the box.