Monday, May 12, 2008

Bat-Suit (in a Bat-Case, with a Bat-Light)

Another Erin "commission". Behold. BatSuit in a case!
(Can I even say how much I like the fact that there is a Wikipedia article just for the Batsuit. I shouldn't be surprised, I know...)

The Bat-Body is a B:tAS "Battle Scars Batman" from a 2-pack w/Catwoman. I removed the "scars" with acetone, and painted over his blue gloves/boots, etc. to black. I went over his belt with better colors, including some shading. His arms and head were removed. I chopped down his blocky shoulders, and reattached his arms closer to his body. The cape is made out of umbrella fabric.

Between the time I started and finished this project, unfortunately, I lost his head, so the cowl is from a head pulled from a random old aqua suited Batman. I carved out the face portion, then extended the bottom edge down and the ears up with modeling compound. It came out okay, but up close it does look a little... battle damaged, maybe? Maybe that's why it's in storage. Added a post to "hold up" the cowl and make it easy to see there's no person in that suit.

The case is from a Code Lyoko set picked up cheap. The light is a small round LED light, which is not attached so that it's easier to turn on and off. I removed all the Lyoko stuff from the inside of the tube, then cut a huge hole in the top, and sculpted a lip to hold the light at a good height. Painted the whole thing black, then brushed thin silver over the outside to give it a metallic gleam. Cut a piece of mirrored paper to fit the inside, added the Bat Figure, and we have a nice addition to our Bat-Shelf. Completed May 2008


  1. All right, this is all extremely cool.

    But don't think I don't know what you're up to, Lindsay.

  2. Why thank you.

    And, I may add, Mua ha ha.