Friday, February 2, 2007

Charane, the Spider

Charane, first completed member of the Faerie Court, is a mystic and adviser to the Queen.

Removed the lower part of the donor doll's legs, then made the hollow spider body out of Sculpey, attached with glue and some Magic Sculpt at the seams. Did you know that the hard plastic rod in the center of a soft plastic Barbie leg is white and even looks a bit like bone when you cut it off? Said donor doll was a twist-and-turn Barbie, and Charane retains both a twisting articulation at the waist and a vertical articulation at the hips. The Spider legs are silk flower stems covered in nylon. Her dress is also painted nylon. She obviously received a full repaint of all exposed skin and hair. Here's a couple more pictures. Completed 2006

Close up


  1. Yay Faerie court! I want to see the rest.... build faster Lindsay, faster!

  2. vous etes completement taret !